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Your destination for expert scientific illustration and natural science photography by renowned Scientific Illustrator Gina Mikel. As a leading scientific illustrator, Gina Mikel specializes in wildlife, botanicals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fish, and invertebrates. Our illustrations combine the precision of science with the beauty of art, using techniques such as watercolor, gouache, and digital media.

If you are looking for a skilled scientific illustrator for freelance projects or collaborations, please contact Gina Mikel via email or phone at (314) 966-7629. As a professional scientific illustrator, Gina Mikel is dedicated to bringing scientific concepts to life through stunning visuals.

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Our collection features a wide array of scientific illustrations, each created with meticulous attention to detail. As a scientific illustrator, Gina Mikel ensures that every piece is both scientifically accurate and artistically compelling. Browse our portfolio to see the diverse range of subjects and styles that define our work.

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Learn more about Gina Mikel’s journey as a scientific illustrator in the bio section. Discover how her passion for science and art has led to a distinguished career as a scientific illustrator, creating works that inspire and educate.

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Contact us at (314) 966-7629 or email Gina Mikel for inquiries. Explore more about scientific illustrations on scientificillustrator.com.

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