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If you’re seeking freelance scientific illustration services or wish to collaborate with an experienced illustrator, Gina Mikel welcomes your inquiries. Please contact us via email or phone at (314) 966-7629 for discussions or to understand the terms of use for our copyrighted illustrations and photography.

Delve into the essence of natural science subjects through our collection, where each piece is a narrative woven with scientific accuracy and artistic precision. From hand-drawn beginnings on paper to the final touches, discover the passion behind our creations in the bio section.

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Our recent foray into natural science photography introduces a new dimension to our website, showcasing animals and botanicals through the lens of a budding photographer. My journey into photography aims to provide reference materials for future illustrations, capturing the essence of our subjects from various habitats like zoos, botanical gardens, and nature preserves. If you spot a misidentified bird or have tips on bird identification, we’d love to hear from you.

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~Gina Mikel, Scientific Illustrator



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